A couple of months ago, I was driving to Agadir, a beautiful city in the south of Morocco, while a neighbor of mine was in the passenger seat devouring a sandwich and drinking lemonade. When he ate up everything, he proudly opened his window  and shamelessly threw away his leftovers, a lemonade can and a plastic bag. I immediately pulled over.

Shocked, I said “what have you done? Are you crazy?”

He was baffled and instantly replied ” Are you ok? What’s going on? What’s wrong?”

I said ” Nothing, just get in the car. Forget about it”

I could try to help him see what he did, but instead I decided to turn the other cheek. If I told you he was illiterate, you would surely recognize the reason why. 

At that moment I learnt that protecting environment cannot be done unless we teach people how to read and write first. I think it perfectly makes sense; priority should be given to the human capital and the latter will take care of the rest.

Amazingly after some time from this incident, I came across this wonderful MedStory Prize 2019 initiative taken by RootedEveryday Foundation. This contest successfully stressed that preserving natural resources around the world cannot be practically and truly done unless we start by developing literacy and raising the new generations’ awareness that little things matter. Saving our biodiversity and preserving nature need this kind of initiatives which aim at enhancing students’ writing and reading skills along with raising their awareness of the huge importance of living in harmony with nature.

On this occasion, I would like to express my immense pleasure and honor to be one of the readers that are chosen by the organizing committee to read the participants’ stories. I am looking forward to receiving some wonderful deep ones.

About Ail Amhal

Ail Amhal has been teaching English since 2007 and is involved in many activities that promote EFL in Morocco. He is an active member of the Morocco Library Project and MoRCE-Net  (both are NGOs aimed at spreading love for reading). Ali attends seminars and conferences on ELT issues and trends regularly and gas also experience in leading workshops and presentations about various teaching-related matters.

Meet the Winner of 2019 Rooted Everyday #MedStoryPrize

Sophia Sifaki from Greece is the winner of the first Mediterranean environmental-themed short story prize with her story The Treasure. Sifaki’s story The Treasure spins an enchanting conservation tale in which a young doctor arrives on the small Greek island of...

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Greek School Girls Win First Environment-Themed Short Story Prize

“It was with great joy that I took up the role of the judge on the students’ writing competition. I was caught up in pleasant surprise when I received and read their works, only to discover their true writing potential! All of the young participants, and especially the ones who won, produced exceptional stories, with flowing language and full of imaginative ideas. I felt like I was instantly carried over to Lemnos island, looked upon its landscape, smelled its fragrance and saw its inhabitants."
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The Missing Message by Faiza Lhbabi

The Missing Message is a story about a group of animal friends living in a beautiful forest. However, the forest trees are losing their green colour and the river that was once flowing through the forest has completely dried up. The animals are worried to die of thirst. One morning, they all gather to discuss how they are going to survive and if people will be able to help them...
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The Garbage Monster by Kaoutar Lakhr

The garbage monster tells the story of two young girls who time-travelled to the future and found planet Earth deserted and in a terrible state: a sea full of oil and garbage everywhere. While they look around at the state of the Earth they meet a monster who is made of all kinds of garbage. He is very angry with humans and the girls quickly learn why...
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Moroccan School Girls Win First Environment- Themed Short Story Prize

“It has been a great pleasure to be part of the competition and enjoy reading so many amazing short stories from the participants. I have read all the stories more than three times each and it has been difficult for me to choose the best one from each category because the stories carried a similar amount of talent and skill."
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You Can Change the World if You Can Just Write.

The artist, in my case the writer, should do more, they should be part of the community to which they belong. I think that what makes us different from animals is more than just language, it’s our ability to create amazing stories and inspire or be inspired by them.
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