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Capacity Building and Transformational Education

Global Diversity Foundation, MedINA, WWF North Africa

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Through the organisation of regional training and peer-learning events, this initiative aims to enhance the capacities of community and NGO leaders, professionals and students involved in practices that sustain Mediterranean Cultural Landscapes.




Two types of event are considered as part of this Overarching Initiative: Community Exchanges, organised by Global Diversity Foundation, and Cultural Landscape Weeks, organised by WWF-North Africa.

Community Exchanges are peer-to-peer learning opportunities designed to foster networking, mutual learning and exchange among emerging community professionals and practitioners in specific regions. Leaders convene to discuss cutting-edge theory and practice to protect and restore biocultural diversity. Community Exchanges are one of the pillars of GDF’s Global Environments Network so all participants join a growing international network of dynamic changemakers.

The first Community Exchange organised as part of this Overarching Initiative was the European Community Exchange on Seed Diversity and Access, which took place 23-27 September 2017 in Barcelona. A second one is planned for Autumn 2019 on the topic of Biocultural Indicators and Monitoring.

Cultural Landscape Weeks provide intensive practical and theoretical training events for university students on selected topics. As part of this Overarching Initiative, WWF-North Africa is organising a Cultural Landscape Week in Tunisia in May 2019. It will provide 20 students with the opportunity to learn from regional academic experts about the social, economic and ecological role of traditional communal irrigation systems in arid areas, including Foggaras, Jessours and Ibn Chabat systems.