All Smiles © Engin Yılmaz

Roads Less Travelled

DiversEarth, Yolda Initiative and TyN

All Smiles © Engin Yılmaz

Roads Less Travelled is a new collaborative and global programme of work which supports mobile pastoralists communities maintain their lifestyles and continue moving freely through the landscape.

We strongly believe that nature can be protected in many different ways, by many different people – there isn’t just one correct method. We see this in communities across the globe who maintain their surrounding nature simply by how they live their lives. 

Having the will to continue in the advent of the 21st century however, is unfortunately not enough. Ignorance, misinformation, social prejudice, and harmful policies and legislation are threatening the livelihoods of mobile pastoralists – and along with that their roles as stewards of our local natural landscapes.

To try and respond to the hardships these communities the world over are facing, we (DiversEarth, Yolda Initiative and Trashumancia y Naturaleza), have developed Roads Less Travelled – a new global and collaborative programme of research, lobbying, outreach and celebration to persuade decision makers of the benefits of mobile pastoralist communities bring to nature, climate and all societies, at the cost of none and to the benefit of all.




Undertaken in close collaboration with mobile pastoralist communities and led by a diverse range of experts, the Roads Less Travelled programme can be split into 5 overlapping Work Packages (main elements of the initiative) under which our projects take place:

1. Understanding the state of play of the practice in countries around the world.

2. Making the case / mainstreaming resultings.

3. Supporting pastoral rights and recognition.

4. Learning from nomadic spirituality and life ways.

5. Celebrating the lives of mobile pastoralists.

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